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Political Resolutions for the New Year


As the New Year opens, New Democrats are excited to move our party and country forward with leader, Tom Mulcair, at the helm of a united crew, setting course for a more prosperous Canada.  We are resolved in continuing to provide responsible opposition to capricious, reckless government policies and purchasing decisions, while continuing to call for better public management and administration.

For the NDP, the well-being of First Nations in Canada has never been a passing interest.  The ongoing struggle for the resolution of a number of long-standing grievances has led to an outpouring of anguish and frustration at the outset of 2013.  Stephen Harper’s approach to First Nations is the same distant, indifferent approach he has taken to relations with many Canadian stakeholders, including the provinces.  This approach is not working.  The time has come for leadership and the NDP is prepared to step up and work with First Nations to resolve land claims as well as water, health and education issues.  Unlike a resolution to keep fit in 2013, this is not a commitment our country can afford to kick down the road anymore.  First Nations deserve better and this is one resolution the NDP is determined to keep.

Climate change resolutions have been notoriously hard for Canadian governments to make good on.  It’s like those 15 extra pounds you keep meaning to shed, but put off year after year.  The problem doesn’t go away – it only gets worse.  The NDP is committed to fighting to make Canada’s industries cleaner, stronger and more competitive by being at the forefront of new technologies and energy sources – committing to putting Canada at the cutting edge of enviromental innovation.  Canada continues to remain a couch-potato when it comes to investment in innovation, while other post-industrial nations are out training for the marathon.  The NDP believes it’s time to get off the couch and get serious about investing in a cleaner future.

Canadians expect better from their political leaders than what they have seen in recent years.  The tenor of the House as set by the Conservative Party has debased parliament and other institutions of Canadian democracy.  The use of bloated, omnibus budget bills as well as procedural antics at the committee level have deprived Canadians of proper parliamentary oversight.  The NDP is resolved in continuing to diligently and responsibly provide opposition, not only to bad policies, but bad practices.

As for my own resolutions, they range from committing to eat home-cooked meals six nights a week (thanks, Jamie Oliver!), taking up a new sport or instrument   and bringing back at least one obscure fashion trend from an earlier decade to patentas my own.  Ambitious, you say?  Sure.  But, like the party I support, I aim high. You’ll all be wearing spats soon, just you wait.


Blogger Bio: Matt Godwin has worked professionally for both the NDP and the Jewish community.  He was most recently a senior organizer for the Thomas Mulcair NDP leadership campaign, has worked for numerous MPs and held a number of lay positions in Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Matt holds a BA from Dalhousie University and a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Toronto


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