Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Mr. Speaker, I had a similar case in 2005, which, thankfully, was ruled in my favour. However, I do not want to start a debate about particular issues that you will sort through, Mr. Speaker.
In the eight years that I have been here, the member for Mount Royal has been an upstanding member and he needs to have this case seriously looked at because it does affect his ability to do his job.
What happened in my case is that the Conservative Party mailed some flyers to people in my riding at a time when Canadians were wondering about the RCMP. The Conservatives made wrongful accusations about my voting record.
Mr. Speaker, if you find anything in this debate that is truly counter to the record of the member for Mount Royal, then there needs to be restitution. The Conservative Party cannot hide behind the taxpayers of Canada who pay for these flyers to go out. It is important to recognize that aspect because it is not the party doing this where there could be some legal action outside the House. The Conservatives are using this chamber to shelter their own behaviour, and that is what is truly offensive and why this matter must be addressed.
I am hopeful that the member for Mount Royal will have his reputation cleared because it is important for his constituents. The member should feel comfortable in his own riding. He cannot be slandered in flyers sent out to his riding by the Conservative government.
Every member in this chamber has the final responsibility to sign off with their name on these ten percenters. We have control over these ten percenters. The member who put this out must be held accountable because that member was the final decision maker in this instance.