Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Questiong Historical Accuracy

December 12, 2006

Question Period: Question to the Hon. Peter MacKay, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs

“Mr. Speaker, like many Canadians, I am alarmed by the Iranian government’s decision to hold a conference questioning the historical accuracy of the Holocaust. Can the Minister of Foreign Affairs tell the House how the government will respond to this decision, and in particular, if the government will publicly condemn this outrageous exercise?”

Response from Minister Mackay:

“Mr. Speaker, as my friend has referenced, this conference was in fact an outrage. It was an insult to Holocaust victims. It was an insult to their descendants. Canada’s new government, and many others I am sure in this House and around the globe, condemn this conference just as we have previously condemned the Iranian president’s comments about the Holocaust as hateful. Canada would never take part in such a sham of a conference. However, we would highlight the work of the task force for international cooperation on Holocaust education, remembrance, and research. Canada participated there as a special guest in Hungary last week. We commend this ongoing work that actually serves humanity while this despicable, provocative conference is taking place in Tehran”.