Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Reaction to Stéphane Dion’s statement by Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Tony Clement & Deputy Critic Peter Kent

Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Tony Clement and Deputy Critic Peter Kent reacted today to statements issued earlier by Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion:

“Minister Dion’s statement earlier today on recent violence in Israel and the West Bank raises serious questions.

In his statement, he refused to lay blame for recent terrorist rocket and knife attacks with Hamas, a listed terrorist organization in Canada and is in control of the Gaza Strip. Hamas has also actively been involved in inciting such attacks.

The statement also fails to condemn such violence by only expressing ‘concern’, and by omission, equates such terrorist attacks with Israeli settlement construction. This is unacceptable.

That is the kind of “go along to get along” policy in foreign affairs that the Conservative Party rejects.

The Liberal Party’s foreign policy is as equally incomprehensible as its defence policy. Once again, under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, Canada’s not back, Canada is stepping back.