Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Fellowship 2018-19 Campus Events

CJPAC Fellows across the country have been busy organizing events on university campuses from coast to coast. The goal is to provide different political perspectives on various issues and thereby inspire others to turn their political passion into action. In their words, hear about the events Fellows have run in the first quarter of 2019!


March 5: Millennials: Why Are We Not Involved?

Fellows from: the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, UBC
Speaker: Gavin Dew, Forum for Millennial Leadership

CJPAC Fellows Yuval Daniel, William Broek, and Sarah Warsh, hosted ‘Millennials: Why Are We Not Involved?’ at UBC’s Hillel House. Gavin Dew, founder of Forum for Millennial Leadership (FML), spoke about the lack of millennial representation in Canadian politics, why they are not getting involved and why it needs to happen!


March 11: Breaking Out of Your Echo Chamber

Fellows from: the University of Saskatchewan

Fellows from the University of Saskatchewan hosted an event on campus with guests from various political campus clubs. There was a great discussion about how politically interested people can break out of their partisan bubbles and engage with peers from opposing parties. The purpose of the discussion was to encourage people to think critically about their values and political stances, build relationships with members from all sides of the political spectrum, as well as to encourage respectful debate on issues affecting Canadian political discourse.


March 18: Political Journeys: How to Further Your Cause Through Political Engagement

Fellows from: Western University
Speakers: Karalena McLean, Director of Strategic Initiatives at SHAD; Mitchell Pratt, President of the USC at Western; and Jake Skinner, TVDSB Trustee

Fellows Jared Forman, Nikol Kamenetsky, Joshua Swift, Juliana Van Gaalen and Adam Wallace hosted an on-campus event at Western University. The three guest speakers engaged in a lively discussion about how they got their start in politics, sharing their true passions and ideals, as well as inspiring words of advice for all those in attendance. In particular, Councillor Skinner spoke about the virtues of standing up for what you believe in, even when it comes at a political cost; Mitchell Pratt illustrated the true impacts students can make on campus; and Karalena McLean shared insight into the world of policy-making and why she got involved in politics.  


March 19: #ElectMillennials: Young Leaders and the 2019 Election
Fellows from:
the University of Ottawa, Carleton University
Speakers: Liberal MP Michael Levitt, Conservative MP Garnett Genuis and NDP candidate Lindsay Mathyssen

In the midst of a busy federal budget day on Parliament Hill, the Fellows of Carleton University and the University of Ottawa hosted a panel discussion for their peers, entitled “#ElectMillennials: Young Leaders and the 2019 Election”. The evening at Le Moulin de Provence Café in downtown Ottawa brought together close to 30 students to hear from Liberal MP Michael Levitt, Conservative MP Garnett Genuis and NDP candidate Lindsay Mathyssen. Levitt, Genuis and Mathyssen all spoke of their experiences in politics and gave their opinions on the role of young people in the political process. Complete with a thoughtful moderated question period, a lively Q&A session, and delicious food and drink, the event left many students newly excited to get involved in the 2019 election.

March 25: So You Want to Work on The Hill?

Fellows from: Queen’s University
Speakers: Liberal staffer and CJPAC Fellowship alum Landon Wilcock, and NDP staffer Ariel Dunsmore

While meeting politicians is common on campus, learning about staffing opportunities is rare. For this reason, our event, “So You Want to Work on The Hill?” welcomed a panel of political staffers from different political parties. Students had a chance to learn about working on Parliament Hill, and the successes, challenges and favourite memories of each staffer. It was great to meet new students and get more people engaged in the political process!

Still to Come…

Fellow-run events from students at the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and McGill University!