Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Religious Freedom

Mr. Speaker, I rise to commend the National Assembly of Quebec on its unanimous motion commemorating the 180th anniversary of a law.
This law, which was passed unanimously, granted Jews equality and complete political and religious emancipation.
This move to grant Quebec Jews full civil and political equality was one of the first of its kind, arising out the case of Ezekiel Hart, a Jew from Trois-Rivières elected to l’Assemblée nationale, but twice prevented from sitting solely because of his faith.
We must always remember our history, our heritage and the fight for equality.
The 1832 emancipation of Quebec’s Jews was a landmark step in the struggle for freedom and justice for all.
This was a significant milestone in the fight for minority and human rights.
I invite all members of the House to join me in celebrating his most historic occasion.
We remember.