Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Report of Parliamentary Delegation to Palestine

Mr. Speaker, I am rising on the same point of order.
First of all, I am very disappointed that the member would raise this point of order because I think it really is a point of censure that he is trying to put forward.
I have always understood that members of Parliament belong to different parliamentary associations. I certainly respect that the member may not agree with what is in the report and he may not agree with the views that we hold. That is perfectly acceptable and we can debate that at any time.
However, I take great exception that he is taking issue with the fact that members of the Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Association decided to undertake a trip to the Middle East at our own expense and upon returning to the House decided as members of Parliament to communicate this to our colleagues and to the community.
I believe that that is entirely in order. We have not misused any resources of the House. As I pointed out, we travelled to the Middle East completely on our own at our own expense. We have obviously reported to our own association.
Yes, I did make the statement in the House and I was very proud to make a statement. I very carefully chose the word that our report was presented. It was not tabled because we are not a full parliamentary committee and I understand that distinction.
Mr. Speaker, I have to say I have great disappointment that the member would raise this point of order to try to criticize members of Parliament who believe sincerely in what they are doing in the mission they carried out to visit Gaza and the West Bank to bring back their experience to members.
This is something that at last should be considered by members, not shut down and not censored, as I believe the member is intending to do with his point of order today.

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