Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Report of Parliamentary Delegation to Palestine

Mr. Speaker, as you deliberate on this, I would ask you to also examine from times past, when I was one of the House officers, a case raised by the former member for Winnipeg-Transcona, Mr. Bill Blaikie, when someone in the then Liberal government arbitrarily created a parliamentary association by the stroke of a pen without going through the proper procedure. At that time it was raised in the House of Commons and had to be withdrawn. It was a parliamentary association with China . It was done very inappropriately.
Members of the House rightfully guard the creation of parliamentary associations as something that is done by the House in conjunction with the Board of Internal Economy. Mr. Speaker, to represent it as something else, I think you will find in previous decisions is considered a serious transgression. I would urge you to take that into consideration as you make your ruling.

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