Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Report of Parliamentary Delegation to Palestine

Mr. Speaker, I rise again because I think the debate is taking a turn, where there is a clear intent by the Conservative members to try to shut down this parliamentary association based on the comments that were just made by the minister.
I believe that all members are aware there are many parliamentary associations, whether or not they meet the official threshold for recognition. Some groups meet the official threshold for recognition by the interparliamentary group. There are many associations that have gone through the process as outlined by the House and, indeed, that is what happened in my parliamentary group. We went through the process in terms of notification. All members are familiar with this process. There is nothing wrong being done.
The point of order is nothing more than an attempt politically through a procedural issue to try to shut down this delegation and the report that was made. I take great exception to that.
I believe all members of the House should be allowed to bring forward their experience. If they have been on a mission or have been part of a delegation, they should be able to bring that experience back to their colleagues in the House, which is exactly what we did.


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