Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Responses to Suggestions that Hezbollah Be De-listed as a Terrorist Organisation

August 21, 2006

Susan Kadis, Member of Parliament for Thornhill expressed utter astonishment at the absolutely irresponsible statements made by two Members of Parliament indicating they would be in favour of taking Hezbollah off of Canada’s terrorist list and open dialogue with the terrorist group.

“To suggest that a terrorist organization such as Hezbollah – whose own Charter states it’s goal of destroying the state of Israel – be taken off the terror list is just mind-boggling”, Kadis stated. Commenting on statements made by Etobicoke Lakeshore MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj and Parkdale-High Park NDP MP Peggy Nash, Mrs. Kadis outright rejects their statements to media while on a trip to Lebanon organized by the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations.

“We all understand and sympathize with the impact of the war and death of innocent civilians on both sides. It was Hezbollah’s illegal and deliberate provocation that threatened the safety and security of Israel and the independence and integrity of Lebanon. Clearly, the philosophy and observations being made by these members runs counter to the reality of what Canada’s foreign policy principles have always been. To take this naive and dangerous view shows a complete and gross lack of understanding of the situation. Terrorism should never be rewarded and above all terrorist groups and militias must never be legitimized as is being been done in this case.” Kadis added.