Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity) on Raoul Wallenberg Day

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Jan. 17, 2008) – During World War II, millions of Jews perished in the Holocaust. Some, however, were saved by the efforts of courageous individuals like Raoul Wallenberg, who is credited with saving the lives of more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews.

Today, as we celebrate the legacy of Raoul Wallenberg, we remember the achievements of this great man, Canada’s first honorary citizen, as well as the lessons that we can all draw from his example.

Canada’s ongoing efforts to move towards membership in the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research reflect our Government’s commitment to ensuring that future generations can understand the causes and consequences of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust stands alone in human history for its horror and its inhumanity. It is crucial that we learn from this experience-not simply to ensure "never again," but also to build societies based on human dignity in which such acts are no longer possible.

As Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity) and on behalf of the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, I encourage Canadians to learn more about the important legacy of Raoul Wallenberg, as well as to be inspired by his accomplishments to combat anti-Semitism, now and in the future.