Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Situation in Lebanon

Recent news of escalating violence in the Middle East continues to traumatically hit home with the deaths of eight Canadians who were killed while vacationing in Lebanon.

"On behalf of the constituents of Brampton Springdale, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the families of the victims and offer my support to the Lebanese community in Canada during this time of crisis," stated Dr. Ruby Dhalla, Member of Parliament for Brampton Springdale.

Innocent lives are being lost in the crossfire, and civilians are paying the ultimate price. During this time of conflict, the Canadian Government must demonstrate its commitment to the promotion of peace, democracy, and freedom.
"I find it troubling that Stephen Harper has decided to put politics ahead of human life. While Canadians are in grave danger, the Prime Minister of Canada is busy picking favourites instead of ensuring the safe return of all Canadians," stated Ms. Dhalla.

"Canada has a responsibility to take action and fulfill our historical international reputation as peacemakers by leading the international effort to call for a cease fire by both Hezbollah and Israel. We must step up and take a leadership role and call for an end to the spiralling violence," stated Ms. Dhalla.

Time is of the essence. Evacuation procedures must take into account the severity of destruction, and geographic considerations to ensure the safe return of every last Canadian.