Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Speech by Tom Mulcair on National Holocaust Remembrance Day (Ottawa)

Honoured survivors, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen—Ellie Wiesel once told us, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

And so it is that we gather here today to reaffirm our vow never to become indifferent to the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust.

To the 6 million mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who were targeted by evil, to the children who’s bright young lives were ended too soon by the darkness of hate.

We gather to honour the brave and defiant ones who refused to be swayed by the onslaught of intolerance.

The 50,000 Jews who stood firm in the ghettos of Warsaw 70 years ago this month.

The countless Righteous Among the Nations who never wavered in their principle or in their courage.

But most of all, we gather to remember and to learn from our past, lest we be destined to repeat it.

The survivors of those dark days—some of whom stand here with us—remind us of our shared duty to humanity.

To root out anti-Semitism and intolerance in all its forms. To choose peace over violence.

New Democrats stand together in honouring the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust.

We stand with those who wish to build a better Canada, one of tolerance and diversity.

And together, we stand for the triumph of love over indifference, so that our children may one day live in a world without hate.

Thank you.