Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on Passover

OTTAWA – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff made the following statement today on the celebration of Passover:

“As families gather at the Seder table and read from the Haggadah, we embrace the hope and optimism that define the Exodus story.

“We celebrate the modern success of the State of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people and the Israelites’ ancient place of refuge – a place where I have lived, a place where I have worked, a country I know and love.

“The triumph of freedom over slavery has echoed through human history for thousands of years.

“For the next eight days, we affirm our commitment to mutual respect, tolerance, and diversity, so that no people will ever again know the horror of bondage.

“On behalf of the Liberal Team, I wish all Canadians a happy Passover.

“Chag Sameach.”