Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement by Member (Toet) on Foreign Affairs

Mr. Lawrence Toet (Elmwood—Transcona, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, the firing of rockets by Hamas into Israeli communities has been and continues to be a regular occurrence. These attacks strike police stations, coffee shops and even elementary schools are done without remorse. Hamas’ goal is simple: the total destruction of Israel and the slaughter of all Jews.
In Canada, Hamas is rightly listed as a terrorist organization. Unfortunately, Canada’s official opposition does not see this anti-Semitic organization as all that bad. Last night on Power and Politics, when given multiple opportunities to say that the NDP would not work with this terrorist organization, the NDP member for Newton—North Delta refused to do so. Sadly, this NDP policy should come as no surprise from a party that includes a member who has said that Israel has been an occupied territory since 1948. This irresponsible position is further proof that the NDP is not fit to govern.