Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement by Mr. Costas Menegakis (Richmond Hill, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, earlier this week the notorious Saeed Mortazavi, a man once known as the Butcher of Tehran, briefly found himself inside the same Iranian prison where he ordered the torture of Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi. That torture ultimately proved fatal, and Ms. Kazemi’s last days were dark, lonely and agonizing.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has called for those responsible for Ms. Kazemi’s murder to be brought to justice. Sadly, today we learned Mortazavi has been released from custody. Ms. Kazemi’s family’s 10-year wait for justice continues.

I ask all hon. members to join me in supporting our foreign minister’s calls for justice for Ms. Kazemi, and all victims of the barbaric Iranian regime. We call on Iran to uphold its international obligations with respect to human rights and the rule of law and for there to finally be a social contract between the regime and the Iranian people that affords them the basic rights they are currently denied.