Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement by Randy Hoback, MP (Prince Albert) in the House of Commons:

VIDEO: Congrats to the U of R and the U of MBA Student Unions for Getting Out of the Anti-Semitism Business

I rise today to congratulate the University of Regina Student Union for ending its involvement in the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against the State of Israel.

The U of R student union is now out of the anti-Semitism business. And most promising, the movement to end anti-Semitism funding in Canadian universities is growing.

Just one day after the U of R decision, the University of Manitoba Students union also voted to prohibit Students Against Israeli Apartheid from receiving funds or using their facilities.

Mr. Speaker, the State of Israel, like any Western democracy, isn`t perfect, but to be labeled an Apartheid State is just wrong.

I therefore congratulate both student unions for recognizing what the State of Israel is — a multi-party liberal democracy.