Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

December 14, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Paul Martin today issued the following statement following remarks made by the President of Iran:

“Canada vigorously condemns the recent statements by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his denial of the Holocaust. These statements are irresponsible, contrary to Canadian values, and have no place in the discourse of member states of the United Nations.

“His revisionist position goes against the fundamental principles of human rights and is contrary to historical fact. It is also contrary to the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 1, 2005, which called for, among other things, the prevention of future acts of genocide by remembering the crimes of the past. This resolution, which was passed by consensus and which Canada co sponsored, also established a Holocaust Memorial Day.

“To cast doubt on the Holocaust and to suggest that Israel be “moved” to Europe, the United States or Canada is completely unacceptable to the Canadian people.

“The Government of Canada called in the Iranian chargé d’affaires to express outrage at the President’s comments. Canada expects the chargé d’affaires to forthrightly indicate to his government Canada’s position that the President’s ongoing public attacks on Israel are unacceptable. Canada once again urges Iran’s President to refrain from spreading messages of hate and to show more restraint, tolerance and realism. Canada wishes to be clear that it will never accept anti Semitism in any form.

“Canada continues to believe that these appalling comments by the President of Iran do not reflect the traditions, values and tolerance of the Iranian people.”