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Statement from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on the celebration of Chanukah

OTTAWA– Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff made the following statement at the start of Chanukah:

"On Chanukah, Jews across Canada and around the world gather to celebrate by spinning the dreidel and lighting the menorah with friends and loved ones.

But the story of the Maccabbees reminds us of a greater achievement, one renewed in our own time: the survival of the Jewish people in the face of adversity and terror.

During Chanukah we recognize that too many people, Jewish and non-Jewish, still live in fear because of who they are and what they believe.

We pledge to build a better world in the face of that adversity. Together, as one people—stronger because of our differences, and not in spite of them.

That’s the lesson that Canada continues to teach the world—the story we hope to tell our children and grandchildren.

So on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary Caucus, please accept my best wishes for the Festival of Lights. Happy Chanukah.”

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