Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition, Rona Ambrose, on the beginning of Chanukah

Conservative Party of Canada leader Rona Ambrose made the following statement on Chanukah:

This evening at sunset, Jews in Canada and around the world will celebrate the first night of Chanukah, the Festival of Light.

This celebration is an enduring symbol of the Jewish people and their battle for religious freedom. Over two thousand years ago, Jewish believers were able to liberate Jerusalem and reclaim the Holy Temple. During the rededication of the Temple, a small amount of oil that was to last one night burned instead for eight. As a result, the Festival of Light was born to commemorate this moment.

Chanukah was born out of a victory of light over darkness, and of freedom over oppression. During these troubled times around the world, the celebration of Chanukah is a stark reminder that miracles can happen in the darkest of moments. It also reminds us how blessed we are to live in a country like Canada in a free society. For all Canadians, the holiday also allows us to celebrate and reflect upon the important achievements and contributions of Jewish-Canadians to our country over many decades.

As Leader of the Official Opposition and Interim Leader of the Conservative Party, I want to offer greetings and my most sincere best wishes over the coming days to all those who will be celebrating and who tonight will be lighting their Chanukah menorahs. May this holiday season provide you with peace and the opportunity for reflection and personal re-dedication to the values of freedom that we all cherish.

Chag Chanukah Sameach!