Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement on the Attack of Two Students in Gatineau

For Immediate Release

April 8th, 2010

Statement by Justin Trudeau, Liberal Youth and Multiculturalism Critic, on the Attack of Two Students in Gatineau

OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau, MP for Papineau and Opposition Critic for Youth and Multiculturalism issued the following statement today:

“The attack on two Carleton University students last Saturday in Gatineau, Quebec, with its troubling overtones of anti-Semitism, should serve as a reminder that we must remain ever vigilant against all forms of hatred, prejudice and intolerance. No free and open society can sit by when differences of opinion, beliefs or values become a trigger for violence and hope to remain free and open for long.

We are proud of our Canada, rightfully proud of our place in the world as preservers and promoters of human rights both within and beyond our borders. This deplorable incident reminds us that we must be mindful of the ongoing efforts required to ensure that our many differences remain a source of strength for our country.”


Office of Justin Trudeau
Louis-Alexandre Lanthier