Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement Relating to Subject Matter of Prima Facie Breach of Privilege

Order. I hear a dispute as to facts has come before the House once more. It may be a continuation of a dispute as to facts but it is not something that the Chair can rule on. The matter is now before committee. The facts can all be exposed in the committee in full. I am sure the hon. member for Mount Royal will want to do that there, but I do not think he has a point of order because it has nothing to do with procedure.
Members may make statements that are incorrect. It is not for the Chair to decide that the statements are incorrect or not. That is not the Chair’s responsibility. There are arguments that arise in this House about what is true and what is not, and it is not for the Chair to make a decision on the truth or falsehoods. I am sorry, but that is the end of it as far as the Chair is concerned.
As I said, this matter is before a committee. The committee can report findings and can make a report saying what it feels the truth is. That is up to the committee if it wants to do that, but that is strictly a committee decision. It is not for the Chair to make these decisions on what is true and what is not, so I suggest that is a debate and not a point of order.
The hon. member is rising on a question to the Chair. I will hear the hon. member.


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