Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement Relating to Subject Matter of Prima Facie Breach of Privilege

The privilege that was breached was not the fact that statements were made that were true or untrue. Normally, that does not involve a matter of privilege. The privilege here was that a member’s ability to do his or her job was interfered with by sending this material into his or her constituency. In this case, it was the member for Mount Royal ‘s constituency.
The material was not accurate and caused problems for the member in doing his job as a member of Parliament. That was the subject of the question of privilege, not whether a statement was true or not in the House.

Hon. members know that members raising questions of privilege are not normally trying to settle whether a statement is true or not. It is a matter of whether their privileges as members have been breached. It is a different issue. That is the answer to the hon. member’s question.
Hon. Irwin Cotler: 

With all due respect, Mr. Speaker, the member repeats the-
The Speaker: 
The hon. member knows that it is not for the Chair to decide on the truth. I have stated this and I have made no such decision in respect to the matter of privilege that the member raised. The matter has been referred to the committee.
Sometimes statements are made in the House that are not accurate, but I have no views on that matter. It is not for the Chair to make rulings in respect of that matter. I do not feel that it is a question of privilege at this point in time. That is the reason for my ruling.
The hon. member for Eglinton-Lawrence is rising another point.


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