Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement Relating to Subject Matter of Prima Facie Breach of Privilege

I stress that it was not the statements that the Speaker referred to as breaches of privilege. It was material that was sent out. It is a different kettle of fish.
Members have freedom of speech in the House. They enjoy freedom of speech in the House. We have debates in this place and there are arguments about facts that happen in the House. However, they are not normally questions of privilege or points of order. What we had here was a matter of a mailing to the member’s constituency that was found to be a breach of his privileges.
 It is not necessarily the truth or falsehood of all the statements in it. It is the collective pile of stuff that was sent that was found to be, in my view, a breach of privilege. However, it is not a matter of individual statements. Members are going to make statements in the House on various subjects, some of which are going to be disagreed with. That does not make them privilege issues.
The hon. member for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Lachine.


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