Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement Relating to Subject Matter of Prima Facie Breach of Privilege

I do not think that there are many cases where breaches of privilege have occurred in the House because of one what member says about another hon. member. Members are free to express their views in this place and it is not for the Chair to make rulings on the propriety of their statements unless the language used is unparliamentary.
That is the only time the Chair intervenes. It is not a matter of engaging in discussions about debate in the House if the Chair is involved. That is my view of the matter. I will look at practice, but I do not believe it is normal for the Chair to say that one member’s statement is an abuse of some other member’s privileges. We all enjoy the privilege of freedom of speech in the House and can make those statements.
What was in the package is one thing because it was sent into the member’s constituency. What is said in the House, in my view, is another matter and it is not normally the subject of questions of privilege.
I think that most hon. members who have sat here for any number of years will notice that there are not questions of privilege normally arising out of what an hon. member says is a disagreement as to facts. Disagreement may occur and there may be an apology because of the disagreement, but that is up to the members who are involved in that dispute.
The hon. Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons is rising on a point of order.


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