Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statements from John Godfrey’s Website

From May 20, 2004]

"By creating the illusion that this unproven technology [National Missile Defense] can offer immunity from attack through 100% surety that America and its chosen allies can be defended, the United States would be in a position of taking aggressive, preemptive action against all nations, weak and strong alike."

Monday, April 22, 2002 “It’s been quite a week. We wake up one morning and discover in our newspaper that Canada is now under the military command of a U.S. proconsul. Sound familiar? Remember when Douglas MacArthur ruled Japan after the Second World War as American proconsul? Or when Julius Caesar ruled the defeated province of Gaul as Roman proconsul?”

"George Bush has declared that the war on terrorism is the cause of his generation. National sovereignty will be the cause of ours [in Canada]."

"if we had missile defence at the present moment, [the Americans] might well be bolder in dealing with North Korea in a way that would be dangerous for the world."

"it is just and equitable that Canadians who are heirs to loyalists whose property was confiscated, stolen or destroyed by the American revolutionaries should be afforded the same assistance as is provided by the United States government to its citizens who have had property in Cuba confiscated by the revolutionary government there, in our bill [Godfrey-Milliken bill] we are going to apply exactly the same sanctions."

“And the United States, because of its unique position and because of its unique history, views itself as outside the rules. They have done so since the… since the 19th century. So what do you do in the face of such a country? Particularly when the country is not doing the right thing…"