Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Students Taking Action Now Darfur – STAND

Ms. Alexa McDonough (Halifax, NDP):


"Mr. Speaker, it is not just policy talk, it is policy action that is needed.


However, speaking of leadership, the minister will know that non-governmental organizations and Sudanese Canadians came together today with students from across Canada under the umbrella of STAND, Students Taking Action Now in Darfur.


These concerned citizens challenged all parliamentarians and all political parties to take a strong stand and respond decisively to the deepening tragedy in Darfur. All who gathered were deeply disappointed when only one government member even bothered to show up.


What is the government’s response to the plea issued again today for a robust, comprehensive, inclusive-"




Hon. Peter MacKay (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, CPC)



"Mr. Speaker, that is always of great concern when we have issues related to Sudan and Darfur.


Canada recently received a commendation. I will quote from the latest report of the UN Watch on the Human Rights Council which identified Canada as the most active advocate for the world’s human rights victims.


The report states:


Canada and the European Union, which had [persistently urged] the Council to address Darfur since June [of this year], [had] sought amendments to the African Group draft that…would at least have emphasized its ‘primary obligation… to protect all individuals against violations.’


That is high praise coming from the UN Watch."