Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Sudan Accountability Act

Hon. Irwin Cotler (Mount Royal, Lib.) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-536, An Act to encourage accountability by Canada and the international community with respect to Sudan.

He said: Mr. Speaker, I am pleased today to introduce the Sudan accountability act, a bill that aims at enhancing the role of Canada and the international community in combating the genocide in Darfur.

In a week beginning with the commemoration of the Rwandan genocide, in which the world failed to act, it is only appropriate that in the same week legislation be introduced to combat the first genocide of the 21st century through targeted divestment and international initiatives.

We know that more than 400,000 have died in this genocide by attrition and at least 4 million are on a life support system. As the student posters at Darfur rallies ask, "If not us, who?" and "If not now, when?"

While this legislation alone will not end the genocide, it is a vital and necessary step to be taken and the time to act is now.

(Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)