Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
2019 Summer Intern – Josh Finklestein

My time at CJPAC had everything we could have asked for from a summer internship.

After a year as a Junior Fellow in the 2018-2019 Fellowship, interning at CJPAC provided an unmatched opportunity to further develop the political and professional skills I had already learned, and develop countless others.

More than that, it broadened my political horizons, and gave me the chance to contribute to the organization that has given me so much. I was given exposure to everything from community engagement, fundraising, marketing, social media management, political relationship-building and more.

I came into the office every morning prepared to learn something new – about political engagement, effective communication, or even a new skill – and was never disappointed.

A major highlight of the summer was going out on the road for CJPAC’s annual Camp Tour. We visited seven camps across Ontario and ran political training programs for CITs.

We were always amazed by the positive responses we received from the staff, campers and CITs, and we learned something new every time we ran the program.

At one point, we scripted and produced a video showcasing the program in real time. That’s a useful and transferable tool that I can use in any role going forward, and it’s one I could only learn at CJPAC.

I highly recommend the CJPAC Summer internship to anyone interested in applying. It is THE opportunity for any politically-engaged students looking for experience.

It wasn’t just a foot in the door – CJPAC blew the hinges off and walked me through to endless future opportunities.

– Josh Finklestein