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Israeli Apartheid Week

Israeli Apartheid Week

Mr. Speaker, this is Israeli Apartheid Week

The Holocaust

The incalculable loss, fathers, mothers, grandparents the children never had. Children, so full of learning, so full of possibilities, never...


Mr. Speaker, virtually every Canadian knows the story of Israel, virtually every Canadian knows about the Holocaust and virtually every Canadian strongly...

Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel mark the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Israel

OTTAWA – Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel (LPFI) mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Canada and Israel.  

Motion 410 – Divest from Iran and Sudan

That, in the opinion of the House, the government, its Crown Corporations and divisions should divest from corporations conducting business in Sudan...

Bringing Justice to Iran

Dryden debates with Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay on a parliamentary subcommittee motion on Iran being brought to the courts.

Understanding Israel

Three years ago, I went to the Jewish Museum in Berlin, and later that year to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington....

Understanding Israel

Ken Dryden discusses the impact his childhood had on his understanding of Israel.

Safety of Canadians in Lebanon

Canadians have reacted with sadness to the civilian casualties in Israel, Lebanon and Gaza and to the tragic deaths of Montreal's El-Akhrass family.