Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
The Children’s Republic

Mr. Paul Dewar ( Ottawa Centre, NDP): 
Mr. Speaker, next week, the Great Canadian Theatre Company will be launching the premier performance of the The Children’s Republic.
This play is the story of Dr. Janusz Korczak, a champion of children’s rights who ran a remarkable orphanage in pre-world war Poland . After the Nazi invasion, Janusz followed the Jewish orphans into the Warsaw ghetto to protect their rights and dignity.
This story was discovered through one of Ottawa ‘s community leaders, Leon Gluzman, who was one of Janusz’s orphans. Today, he is a businessman and a great philanthropist who supports the Ottawa School of Speech & Drama and has made our community so much better.
This powerful story of commitment and legacy has been captured in the play written by Ottawa-born playwright, Hannah Moscovitch.
I wish to congratulate the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the Ottawa School of Speech & Drama, particularly Amanda Lewis, for their joint effort in staging this timely play. I invite the community to see The Children’s Republic at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.