Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
The fight against holocaust denial

Mr. Speaker, the fight against holocaust denial is international in scope and Canada can be proud of the efforts that we have taken in fighting the extremist Ernst Zundel. Therefore, Canadian parliamentarians must speak out against Rome’s decision to welcome Bishop Richard Williamson, a notorious supporter of the lies of Zundel.
Williamson has praised Zundel from the pulpit of a Canadian church. He has consorted with the Zundel defenders and he has continued to use the farcical testimony that no Jews died in the gas chambers. By rehabilitating Williamson, the church has shown a surprising indifference to the international fight against holocaust denial.
Last year, Williamson was just a Zundel fellow traveller. Thanks to the Vatican, he is now the most famous anti-Semite in the world. While the New Democratic Party welcomes the church’s attempt to reassure the international Jewish community, nothing less than the full condemnation of this decision is acceptable in this day and age.