Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
The Holocaust

Mr. Speaker, in 1933 there were nine million Jews in Europe. Half a generation later, six million had perished in the Holocaust, others had fled for their lives, and only a few hundred thousand were left.
The incalculable loss, fathers, mothers, grandparents the children never had. Children, so full of learning, so full of possibilities, never the chance to live their lives. A next generation never born, and a next.
The incalculable loss to the Jewish people; the incalculable loss to all of us.
For us, never to forget the Jews and the Jewish people. But for us, too, never to forget how easy it is to push to one side any group of people, to separate, divide, cut off, then to demonize, hate and destroy.
The Holocaust happened then and there, but the Holocaust is a forever story for all of us.
Never again, and always to remember.