Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
The Honourable Jerahmiel S. Grafstein, Q.C.

Honourable senators, pursuant to rule 22(10) of the Rules of the Senate, the Leader of the Opposition has asked that the time provided for consideration of Senators’ Statements be extended today for the purpose of paying tribute to the Honourable Senator Grafstein, who will be retiring from the Senate on January 2, 2010.

I remind honourable senators that, pursuant to the rules, each senator will be allowed only three minutes and may speak only once.


However, it is agreed that we continue our tributes to Senator Grafstein under Senators’ Statements and that Senator Grafstein hold his comments until the end of Senators’ Statements. We will therefore have 30 minutes, not including the time allotted to Senator Grafstein’s response.

Is it agreed, honourable senators?

Hon. Senators: Agreed.


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