Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
The peace process
Mr. Jean Dorion (Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher, BQ): 
Mr. Speaker, excavators have started work again on housing in Israeli settlements on the West Bank, which is weakening the peace process even more. The Palestinian president is even considering leaving the negotiating table if the moratorium is not extended.
The United States and France have taken a stance against the renewed colonization. Does the Conservative government not realize that by remaining silent, it is sanctioning an action that violates international law?
Hon. Lawrence Cannon (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, Canada has not been silent. Quite the opposite, in fact. At the G8 summit, the Prime Minister and our government reminded our colleagues that the ultimate goal, of course, is to see two sovereign countries emerge in that region and to have them live side by side in peace and harmony. We have also strongly insisted that both parties pursue and continue their discussions, because that is the only way to achieve lasting peace.