Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
The Views of Farhan Chak

Mr. Ed Fast (Abbotsford, CPC):

"Mr. Speaker, the Liberal Party continues to attract extremists and conspiracy theorists.

Farhan Mujahid Chak is the new Liberal candidate in Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont. Last week the National Post published his outlandish views. Among other things, Mr. Chak has blamed terrorist attacks in France on the French government rather than on the actual terrorists. He has publicly accused Israel of rape, murder and torture. There is more. He has even called India’s democracy a ‘fraud’.

Liberals have known about these outrageous opinions for years, yet did absolutely nothing about them. Why? Is it because Mr. Chak organized for the Liberal leader during his leadership campaign? Even after learning that Chak had been charged with firearms offences, the Liberals did nothing.

Elizabeth May fired a Green candidate when she learned of his disgusting views. Mr. Chak’s opinions are equally as disgusting. Why then will the Liberal leader not do the right thing and give Farhan Chak his walking papers?"