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Does a throne speech = a general election?

Throne speech? Elections? During the pandemic??

You may already know what a Throne Speech is, but for those thinking it’s something out of Game of Thrones, fret not!

A Throne Speech is delivered to mark the beginning of a session of Parliament, usually following a general election or the prorogation of the previous session. (Prorogation happens when a session of Parliament is ended prematurely without dissolving Parliament, which would trigger elections.) If a Throne Speech follows a prorogation, it serves as a legislative reset.

Typically, it sets the tone and outlines the Government’s intended game plan for the upcoming session.
(FYI – Although it’s the Prime Minister’s plan, the Governor General of Canada reads the speech on behalf of the Queen. (Interesting fun fact: The Queen delivered the speech herself while in Canada in 1957 and 1977!))

The Throne Speech will prompt a vote of confidence, where MPs will vote on whether they will support the government’s agenda. This could lead to a no confidence vote which would trigger a general election.

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