Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Vancouver Women in Politics Mentee Application Form

The Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC) has established the Vancouver Women in Politics Mentorship Program, an initiative aimed at Jewish women (18+) who are interested in politics. The Women in Politics Mentorship Program will partner Jewish mentees who are interested in becoming more involved in the political process, either personally or professionally, with Jewish mentors who have senior experience in politics, government and communications. Priority will be given to mentees who may not have access to these networks through other channels.

Mentee Application Form

Please fill out this form by June 17 to be eligible for the CJPAC Women in Politics Mentorship Program.



Please note the following expectations for participation in the event you are successfully matched through the CJPAC Women in Politics program:

    • Coordinating logistics for one-on-one meetings with their mentor, and developing and circulating an agenda prior to each meeting. This will enable the mentor to properly prepare for the meeting. The CJPAC Women in Politics committee is available to assist with this.
    • Attending events as part of the program, to be confirmed at a later date. Past events have included:
      • A launch event with all mentors and mentees
      • Meet with your mentor 1-3 times throughout the program
      • Attend a thank-you/closing event at the end of the program
      • A panel event with political guest speakers
      • A dinner with a special guest
    • Other CJPAC programming
    • Get engaged in the 2019 federal election
    • Get involved in other CJPAC programming or committees