Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
We must remain vigilant in combatting anti-Semitism

“Today is a day of remembrance for a tragedy whose repercussions are still felt around the world today, across many societies and in the hearts of individuals still mourning the millions who were lost.

“Sixty years ago, the Nazis embarked on a genocidal campaign to murder Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and people with disabilities. This campaign of ethnic cleansing wreaked havoc on European civilization and fundamentally challenged how we understand humanity and what humans are capable of.

“By remembering the Holocaust, we pledge to remain vigilant in combating anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination. We choose not to ignore the harsh lessons of the past, which compel us to never be indifferent or silent in the face of racism.

“As Canadians, we must teach our children the significance of remembering the victims of this crime against humanity, in the hope that it will not only prevent similar tragedies from unfolding in future generations, but promote the Canadian ideal of a multicultural society founded on respect and compassion.

“At sundown today, Yom ha-Shoah will come to an end, but our efforts to eliminate all forms of anti-Semitism must continue until the sun sets on all attempts to target innocent people because of their race or beliefs.”