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What you can do today to help Israel

On December 27th, following more than a week of Hamas’s unceasing rocket and mortar fire attacks onto Israel’s southern communities, Israel was forced to undertake a major defensive operation to put an end to the rocket attacks from Gaza.  This year alone, the men, women and children of southern Israel have endured nearly 3,000 missile strikes launched by Hamas terrorists.  Every country has the right and obligation to protect its citizens. Israel is doing no less than Canada would do under similar circumstances.

At the same time, Israel continues its efforts to provide humanitarian relief, on a daily basis, through border crossings between Gaza and Israel despite Hamas’ repeated bombings of those crossings.  For more details, the Israeli Embassy in London is blogging international aid to Gaza.

The international community, including Canada, must continue to signal its solidarity with Israel and those committed to real movement towards peace, while condemning the Hamas and its radical allies for forcing the current confrontation.  Read statements from Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon, Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff, Bloc Québécois Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Crête, and the New Democratic Party of Canada.

There are many things you can do to help:

Write letters to Minister Lawrence Cannon, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton and Paul Crête in response to their statements.  Write a letter to your own Member of Parliament expressing your support for Israel.

Educate yourself.  The CIC Scene Blog is tracking developments.  The Israel Defense Forces have a YouTube Channel.  Read more at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Defense ForcesQassam Count has been tracking missiles from Gaza.  For a more personal view, follow the Voices from Sderot blog.

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Call in to radio or television talk shows, write letters to the editor of newspapers, comment on blogs and vote in online polls.  Visit for even more ways to help!