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Why I’m Right and You’re Wrong

I’m a New Democrat because I believe in the importance of equality and opportunity for all Canadians.

I believe that every Canadian has the right to a basic standard of living, that it’s our collective duty to provide that guarantee to everyone in our country, and that this collective support gives each of us the freedom to pursue our personal objectives.

One of the NDP’s proposals in the last election was to eliminate the obstacles Liberal governments put in place so that Canadians can access Employment Insurance right away when they need it.

The NDP has also proposed to provide access to childcare across Canada with a Canada-wide program. We have had this type of program in the province of Quebec for years and it’s what made it possible for both my parents to pursue their careers after having children.

These New Democrat ideas give us the freedom and confidence to pursue our dreams and enrich not only ourselves, but the whole of Canadian society as well.

New Democrats also believe that we all benefit when our government helps Canadians in need. The NDP has been fighting for more federal investment in social housing for years, and it was part of what Jack managed to squeeze out of Paul Martin in exchange of his support of the Liberal’s 2005 budget.

By providing affordable housing to families who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise we reduce the levels of homelessness and crime and the heavy costs to our healthcare system and other social programs that people turn to as a last resort.

The NDP’s vision for the future is one where we all work together so that Canada remains the best country in the world to live in. In my case, it’s Canada’s social safety net that made it possible for my grand-parents to arrive in Canada as refugees of the Pogroms and grow into accomplished citizens.

Canadians recognize that the NDP is the only party that proposes a clear plan of how to build the country we want and that’s why the NDP keeps growing with every election.


Blogger Bio

Julien has been involved as a New Democrat for over 10 years.  He worked as a strategist on Tom Mulcair’s leadership campaign and handled Quebec communications at the NDP’s campaign headquarters in the 2 years leading up to their 2011 election breakthrough.  Julien’s involvement in the Jewish community has helped him build relationships throughout his political career.  He now works as a consultant at a public relations firm in Montreal.


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