Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Yom HaShoah 2007

April 15, 2007

The Holocaust was a time in our history of intolerable cruelty which resulted in the systematic murder of millions of people, an overwhelming majority of them Jews.

As we stop to reflect on this somber anniversary, we must vow never to forget this dark chapter in history. While we cannot erase the horrible suffering that took place in the concentration camps and ghettos across Europe, we can and do honour both those who lost their lives and those who survived. By being vigilant in the defence of our common humanity in the future, we honour the lessons of the past.

Cultural, religious and racial respect occupies a permanent place in the very bedrock of Canadian society. History has demonstrated vividly and all too terribly that there are perils to silence and consequences to indifference.

As Canadians, we must resolve to learn from this tragedy and to educate our children about the Holocaust, in the hope that remembering its victims will strengthen the struggle against anti-Semitism, and racism in Canada and worldwide.

We must never forget that each of us is lessened when any one of us is the object of hate.