Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Yom Kippur

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Nepean—Carleton, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, tonight Jewish families across our beautiful country begin their Yom Kippur observances. They mark the holy day and celebrate the ancient and strong Jewish faith. Judaism is a religion that binds families and communities. It is a religion that demonstrates the value of thoughtfulness, forgiveness and atonement. This Jewish holy day is an occasion for us to wish members of the community a prayerful Yom Kippur.

Today, across our dominion, Jewish Canadians will gather with friends and families to reflect and seek reconciliation with God. They will pray for peace and they will repent.

The Talmud states the Books of Life and Death are open until Yom Kippur and on Yom Kippur a final decision is made about our faith in the new year. For my constituents and all Canadians of the Jewish faith, we all wish them a happy and rewarding Yom Kippur.