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Young Leadership Israel Advocacy Program 2013 | Engage, Build, Learn & Contribute – Let us show you how.



Canada and Israel are 9660.70 kilometers apart.  Let us show you where they intersect.  The Young Leadership Israel Advocacy program (YLIA) is an exciting program that guides a select group of young Jewish professionals from across Canada into the federal political process. The YLIA program provides participants with the knowledge, skills and political connections to make getting involved exciting and fun, while simultaneously making it possible for them to make a difference in their respective Jewish communities/Federations, and advancing the pro-Israel agenda.

Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to meet senior Canadian parliamentarians and government officials during a conference in Ottawa, listen to various experts on monthly conference calls and travel to Israel on a highly specialized mission with Canadian parliamentarians.  By the end of the program, participants will be well equipped to become active players in Canadian politics and well-prepared to make a difference for themselves, their communities, and their local Federations.



YLIA is open to any Jewish young adult between the ages of 23-45 who is either a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant. Participants must have an interest in becoming involved in the Canadian political arena and their local Federations.  Participants must reside in Canada throughout the program with the intention of staying in Canada afterwards.  Undergraduate students are not eligible unless they are over 25 years of age.

Program features:

  • One hour-long conference call or session each month (February to August) built around an advocacy and community curriculum developed by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.
  • Information and training to engage participants in the political parties as active members and the tools to navigate the party systems.
  • A two-day retreat in Ottawa (usually in February or March, but may be later due to political or other circumstances) focusing on advocacy skill-building, Israel education, election training, community engagement, leadership skills enhancement and meetings with government officials and parliamentarians.
  • In August/September 2013 (dates for 2013 will most likely be August 25th – September 2nd), a week-long mission to Israel together with a delegation of Canadian parliamentarians. The mission includes briefings with senior Israeli government officials, members of the Knesset and leading academics and journalists; strategic tours of the northern border and Golan Heights and much more (itinerary subject to change).


Time & Financial Requirements:

Participation in this program requires the commitment and willingness to partake in monthly conference calls or sessions, the Ottawa conference, and an August/September mission to Israel.  More specifically:

  • There will be monthly conference calls or sessions from February to August, for which participants may have readings;
  • Participants are expected to become comfortable with the federal political system (and parties), as well as interact with local Members of Parliament (MPs) regularly throughout the year (the program will provide opportunities to do so);
  • Attendance at and participation in the Ottawa conference is mandatory for all participants. The anticipated registration fee for the retreat is approximately $295 + travel expenses (limited travel subsidies are available for those traveling from outside Quebec and Ontario);
  • A week-long mission to Israel with Canadian parliamentarians in August or September. The cost of the mission, after subsidies, is approximately $3000.  Please note, this mission is heavily subsidized so there are no additional subsidies available from CIJA, JFC-UIA or CJPAC. However, a payment schedule can be worked out according to the participant’s needs.  Although participants are strongly encouraged to participate on this mission the same year they do the program, mission participation can be deferred to a future year if needed. Acceptance into the program does not guarantee acceptance into the mission as spots are limited.
  • Participants must be donors in good standing to their local UJA/CJA (i.e. made a gift to the annual Campaign) and to CJPAC (




  • The opportunity to learn about and become engaged in the Canadian political sector.
  • One of the main highlights of the program is the week-long, political and strategic tour of Israel with Canadian parliamentarians.  Participants gain unprecedented access to senior Israeli politicians, military personnel and political analysts.  Beyond the formal agenda, participants will have the opportunity to socialize informally with the parliamentarians and each other.
  • The friendships and relationships developed between the parliamentarians and participants last well beyond the mission.  Some of the past participants have gone on to volunteer on election campaigns for MPs they met during the program, while others have even changed careers to work full-time in the political sector. In almost all cases, past participants have maintained on-going relationships with each other and the parliamentarians from the mission.
  • The opportunity to connect with an elite group of Pro-Israel, young professionals from across Canada
  • A two-day conference in Ottawa focusing on Israeli-advocacy skill-building, Israel education, election training, community engagement, leadership skills enhancement and meetings with government officials and parliamentarians.
  • Opportunities for enhanced engagement in local and national Jewish community organizations.




  • The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is a non-partisan organization creating and implementing strategies to improve the quality of Jewish life in Canada and abroad, increase support for Israel, and strengthen the Canada-Israel relationship.
  • Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA is a national Jewish fundraising organization and community planning body that brings together all the Canadian Federated and Council communities.
  • Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC) is a unique national, grassroots, independent organization whose mandate is to engage the community in the political process.


Please send completed applications to by January 31, 2013.

For further information, please contact:


Mindy Eklove

National Director of Young Leadership

Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA

(416) 634-3072

Click here to download the YLIA Application 2013 .

YLIA 2011 Group at Misgav Am
YLIA 2012 Group at Beit She’an