Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
CJPAC Fellowship

CJPAC offers an intensive year-long Fellowship program that allows university students who are politically interested and active to engage further in Canadian politics. CJPAC Fellows have unique opportunities to meet with Members of Parliament and senior political strategists throughout the year. The program includes a trip to Ottawa to attend a national political conference/boot camp with advanced campaign training.

Check out what some of our Fellows and alumni have had to say about the program:

“Without CJPAC programming, and above all, the CJPAC team, I could never have achieved as much as I have today. In two years, CJPAC has taken me from a politically minded student on campus to a leader, a thinker, consensus builder, and above all, an individual loyal to my ethics, beliefs, and to the individuals united under the CJPAC tent, many of whom I now have the privilege of calling family.”

~ Miled Hill, CJPAC Fellow 2014-2015, Co-Chair of the 2015-2016 Fellowship Program

“This opportunity changes lives, hearts and minds… I can’t imagine a better group of future leaders, a better atmosphere to learn in or better speakers.” 

~ Juliana van Gaalen, CJPAC Fellow 2017-2018, Senior Fellow 2018-2019

“For those who don’t know, the CJPAC Fellowship is an opportunity to join a community of like-minded, pro-Israel students, learn how to be politically engaged and in many cases, it’s a first step toward a career in politics… This is a badge we will wear with pride and respect for the rest of our lives. The skills, network and community that we have gained throughout this experience will prove invaluable going forward in our careers.” 

~ John Otis Moore & Justin Shapiro, CJPAC Fellows 2016-2017, Co-Chairs of the 2017-2018 Fellowship Program