Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Get Involved in Politics

There are so many great ways to get involved in politics, right from the comfort of your own home!

Volunteer in an Election

There’s no better way to get involved in the political process than by volunteering in an election. Think of us like your political concierge. Email us at and we can help connect you to the campaign of your choice. The benefits of volunteering are abundant and rewarding. You’ll thank us for it later.

Join a Party

It’s always a good time to sign up to be a member of a political party. As a party member, you’ll be able to support candidates for local nominations, vote in leadership races, have your say in policy proposals and attend party conventions.

Campaign Training

These programs educate individuals on how to be effective volunteers on an election campaign. The programs focus on the important aspects of every campaign: canvassing, phone calling, voter identification and “get out the vote” strategies. These seminars are interactive and include role-playing activities that give participants hands-on experience with the various positions they may hold as election volunteers. For more information about campaign training, contact Noa Farage at

Join a Leadership Campaign

CJPAC can be your political concierge for getting engaged, and federal and provincial leadership races are a great time to start.

Virtual Events

We are working on some exciting programming. Our events are a great way to learn about politics. Why not check it out?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you need anything.

Get Involved in your Local Riding Association

Every major federal party aims to have an electoral district association (known as an EDA) in each constituency. They are very active around election time, when, among other things, EDA members select the party’s local candidate at a nomination meeting. If you want to get involved in your EDA, contact to connect you.

Join a Provincial Party

The powers and responsibilities of provincial governments are different from federal governments. However, being a provincial political party member allows you to have the same opportunities as you would as a federal party member. Note though, provincial parties with similar names to federal parties may differ in policies and ideologies. To learn more or for information about joining a party, contact to connect you.