Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Fellowship Spotlight: Hailey

My political journey really took shape while I was in CEGEP. I participated in Model UN and served as Executive Secretary at Dawson College MUN. I also worked with the Liberal Party of Canada to found the first political club on my campus to increase interest in politics amongst my peers and create a space to discuss our concerns. I then moved to Ottawa for university and served in the non-partisan House of Commons Page Program. I had the unique experience of observing politics at work and saw first-hand how policies are formulated.

With a thirst to learn more, I studied in Washington D.C. as a Killam Fellow to American politics and political communication. I became a CJPAC Fellow in 2015; it was the piece I was missing as it married my love for politics and public affairs with my passion for learning and making connections. I have learned that it is not enough to have the passion and the formal training in your field to accomplish your goals; that is the voice. The truth is, connections matter, and that is the opportunity to be heard. CJPAC truly embodies this.

Developing relationships is crucial in transforming any idea into a successful initiative whether it be a pro-Israel campaign or patient advocacy in the health sector. The Fellowship Program not only gave me the opportunity to learn from high profile experts in their respective fields, as well as other Fellows and, it also helped me reconnect with my Jewish roots and introduced me to politically minded individuals supporting Israel across Canada and across the political spectrum.

Since participating in the program I’ve worked in Program and Outreach at Fulbright Canada, graduated from the University of Ottawa in Political Science and Public Administration and recently began working for TD Bank’s Corporate and Community Relations’ Department. I intend to continue my involvement in politics as a young professional.

CJPAC Fellow 2015-2016