Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Fellowship Spotlight: Jeremiah

Jeremiah Kopp is a lawyer with McMillan LLP in Ottawa with a practice in commercial litigation, construction and infrastructure, and lobbying compliance and political law. In his spare time, he serves as a reserve infantry officer with the Canadian Armed Forces. Prior to his legal and military career, Jeremiah worked at all levels of government and also had the opportunity to serve as union president at a U15 university.  

Politics has been a big part of his life since he took out a membership to the Liberal Party of Canada at the earliest age that he could – 14 years old. Since then, Jeremiah has remained active in federal, provincial, and municipal politics, including during his two years as a CJPAC Fellow. CJPAC is ecstatic to have Jeremiah as Co-Chair of the Fellowship Alumni Association Steering Committee. Welcome Jeremiah!