Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Fellowship Spotlight: Ravina

At just 24, Ravina Anand is already a Diana Award recipient. This is one of the most prestigious accolades that a young person can receive for social action and humanitarian work. Winning for the technology company she created, FLIK, this online apprenticeship program makes female leaders accessible to recent graduates and current university students from around the world.

“In the last three years since the Fellowship, I have really used the skills I gained in the Campaign Challenge, and applied it to everything I’ve built and created. From being open to different opinions, learning how to mobilize and get people more engaged, to ultimately doing something for the community around me.”

Always wanting to learn more, this proud Albertan applied to the Fellowship because of its educational aspect. That thirst for knowledge led her to a Masters in Public Policy and Global Affairs at UBC, and now at medical school at the University of Calgary. Motivated by her interests in social innovation, computational epidemiology and space exploration, Ravina hopes to create policy and build technology that will help us get to Mars. Keep reaching for the stars Ravina. Bravo!

Fellow 2017-18