Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Get Engaged with CJPAC

As the ‘political engagement people’ we’re here to help demystify the political process and get you connected. Here are the top 5 ways YOU can get engaged with CJPAC.  

1. Get Involved Politically
Whether in person or at home, you can volunteer for a party or a campaign. CJPAC can be your political concierge. You can also join or donate to a party.

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2. Attend an upcoming CJPAC Event
From our famous ACTION parties that welcome hundreds of young professionals, elected officials, business leaders and philanthropists, to our virtual events, there are tons of opportunities to learn about politics. 

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3. Apply for a Political Training Program
CJPAC runs some of the best political training programs in the country for people of all ages and levels of political expertise. We even do free election volunteer training!

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4. Learn about the Canadian Political System
Are you eager to learn more about how politics operates in Canada? Why not start with our CJPAC-tionary. It’s a great resource.

5. Talk to a past participant 
We’ve been fortunate to have many amazing program participants and election volunteers benefit from CJPAC’s services. They’re more than willing to provide insight on what we offer as well as share their own experiences in getting politically engaged. Just ask us to make an introduction and we’re on it!